Det exceptionella USA

I dagens radioanalys fick jag en ledtråd till varför USA ibland är så… tja, fyll i själv.

Det kallas exceptionalism. Att de själva tror att USA är totalt annorlunda än alla andra.
Det har jag vetat, men de gav mig en ny bild i huvudet:

De har TRE testamenten i sin bibel!
Gamla testamentet
Nya testamentet

”De” tror på allvar att konstitutionen är given av Gud, orubblig, och unik.
Att ifrågasätta USA är att ifrågasätta konstitutionen är att ifrågasätta Gud, hans ord och hans vilja..

”De” är det utvalda folket, som en gång Israelerna…

Det gör det lättare för mig att förstå varför det skapar så starka reaktioner hos de högerkonservativextremreligiösa varje gång man kritiserar något USA gör…

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Allowed happiness

I went to a group therapy session.
The psychologist told us about the basic feelings people can experience.

I hated the version of it they offered:
A ton of negative feelings, two neutral ones, and only TWO positive feelings.

A group of people in need of therapy:
Would it not make more sense to offer them a whole bunch of positive alternatives??

I have a lot of positive feelings, all of which are not included.
If these people were given a checklist of positive feelings, would that not make them more inclined to possibly start feeling better??

I’d start with the basic physical needs:

I’m not freezing or boiling hot:
I actually feel quite comfortably warm. Tick!
I’m not starving:
I feel comfortably full. Tick!
I’m not thirsting:
When I felt thirsty I drank something. Tick!
I am not in immediate danger:
There is not a war going on where I live.
I feel safe. Tick!
When I am tired I hava a bed indoors and a door that I can lock.
I feel pretty rested and safe at night. Tick!
I have a body that isn’t severely injured and hurting:
I feel painfree or just bearably annoyed. Tick!
I have reasons to believe that also tomorrow, I will have food, water, a warm bed, and freedom from immediate danger:
I feel safe. Tick!

Then, I would move to feelings we can at least mentally get myself to agree on feeling…

In my case, I feel stuff they don’t acknowledge:
safe, comfortable, healthy, calm, grateful
(And wow, don’t we all have lots to be grateful for???
I still can’t ”get over” the fact my daughter’s life has been saved twice from deadly cancers. )
I feel happy lots of the time, interested, curious, proud (of others as well as me), hopeful, expectant, invigorated, pleased, giggly, confident, relaxed, relieved, and I even get hugs now and then making me feel physically well and apreciated.

Instead, they serve this list:

I should get them to at least TRY looking up this page;
where at least there is this table of opposites of them:

Basic emotion Basic opposite
Joy Sadness
Trust Disgust
Fear Anger
Surprise Anticipation
Sadness Joy
Disgust Trust
Anger Fear
Anticipation Surprise

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